Prices are FOB in Euros & US$.           Payment terms L/C or Advance.           Delivery 5 to 6 weeks after confirmation of order.            Our designs can be selected for customers with their brand name on it.           Customers designs are welcomed.            
      Boxing Gloves
      Coaching Mitts
      Bag Mitts/Bag Gloves
      Cut Finger Mitts
      Grappling Gloves
      Chest & Breast Guards
      Head Guards
      Groin & Abdonminal Guards
      Belly Pad
      Shin & Shin Step
      Focus Pads
      Speed Balls
      Punching Balls
      Medicine Balls
      Kick Shield
      Thai Pads
      Punching Bags
      Steel Chain for Puching Bags
      Puching Bags Stands
      Skiping & Jumping Ropes
      Rubber Straps for Punching Balls
      Elastic Rope for Punching Balls
      Mouth Guards
      Mouth Guards Cover
      Swival Hooks for Speed Balls
      Key Chains
      Kick Boxing Uniforms
      Boxing & Kick Boxing Trousers
      Boxing Gawn
      Corner Man Jackets
      Boxing uniforms
      Boxing Shorts
      Thai Boxing Shorts
      Grappling Shorts
      Rash Guard Shirts
      Boxing Shoes
      Boxing Kids Corner
      Sports / Carry Bags
      Judo Uniforms
      Karate Uniforms
      Taekwondo Unfiorms
      Kungfu Uniforms
      Brazilian Jui-Jatsu Uniforms
      Martial Arts Belts
      Martial Arts Sashes
      Karate Mitts
      Semi Contact Gloves
      Kungfu Gloves
      Bruce Lee Gloves
      Taekwondo Racket
      Elastic Equipments
      Sports / Carry Bags
      Karate Shoes
      Taekwondo Shoes
      Kungfu Shoes
      weight Lifting Belts
      Weigth Lifting / Cycle Gloves
      Weigth Lifting Accessories
      Sports / Carry Bags
      Track Suits Gents
      Track Suits Ladies
      Jogging Suits Gents
      Jogging Suits Ladies
      T-Shirts & Polo-Shirts
      Hooded Sweat Shirts
      Team Sports Uniforms/Training Vests
      Sports & Carry Bags
      Soccer Balls
      Soccer Shoes
      Goal Keeper Gloves
      Shin Guards
      Hand Balls
      Volly Balls
      Promotional Balls
      Basket Balls
      Rugby Balls(American Football)
      Net Balls
      Sala Balls
      Mini Balls
      Sports / Carry Bags

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