Banking and Finance

While most people bank online, a few people don’t feel online banking safe. Hence to help these people with online banking and show the right methods to make things easier, rather than following traditional methods, here are few lists that can be followed.

To start with, let’s say you want to pay your bill through the banks online. We know how most banks work and each bank has its own ways to process a bill payment. There are different points that we need to remember while doing the same. Hence while doing this here are some of the questions that would arise in our minds.

At first do we exactly know how many payments a bank allow per month? Each bank has its own minimum fees involved in a payment. Can we transfer an amount to a person’s account that does not have an electronic setup account?

Most of us are aware there are many things that we look into while a third party is involved while transferring a payment. Always ensure if your money is transferred from your account only after your checks are cleared.

Also, can we ensure reoccurring payments so that if the payments are regular then we don’t have to do it again?

Tips on financing and banking